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Amival is a reliable extension of your production process. With our flexibility, we help you handle your peaks. With our solution-oriented attitude, we make the necessary corrections. And we do so both in our own production hall and at your company. In short: Amival adapts to your needs!

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packaging or repackaging your products

Processing and finishing

taking over the labour-intensive parts of your processes


labelling or relabeling all of your packaging

Mounting and kitting

mounting, assembling and compiling


quality control with an eye for detail

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We can also perform these activities on-site at your production facilities. Interested?

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Sector expertise.


As far as our health is concerned, we only want the very best. In our work for the pharmaceutical, medical and health industries, quality guarantees are essential.

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Processing food is a delicate operation. Amival has the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to work with both open and closed food using the cleanest food-safe methods.

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Printing industry

At Amival, we don’t let the pressure of a deadline get to us. We work even faster. We are a reliable, lightning-fast partner for the printing industry. Both in processing and delivery.

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Various sectors

Amival is a flexible jack-of-all-trades. For more than 50 years, we have provided hundreds of hands to perform labour-intensive tasks for governments, companies in the chemical sector, libraries and non-profit organisations. We respond to the craziest requests with genius, efficient and workable solutions.

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Proud of our work.

As a social enterprise Amival employs 400 enthusiastic workers with an occupational disability. The organisation focuses on their abilities and offers them custom work. Thanks to our internal training, targeted support and the right tools all employees receive their rightful place in the economy. Something we are incredibly proud of at Amival.

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